Main Street Theater Rock Hill

We are a premier artistic community dedicated to fostering creativity and empowering individuals to achieve their dreams through innovative solutions and boundless imagination, particularly on stage, in film, & through music.

Terry Roueche founded Main Street Theater in Rock Hill in 1987. Here’s the brief history!

Welcome to Main Street Theaterhere creativity thrives and artistry knows no bounds. Our journey began with captivating dinner theater performances in Charlotte and the Upper State of South Carolina, enchanting audiences with Roueche’s ‘Take My Wife, Please.’

From 1991 to 1995, we proudly leased space in downtown Rock Hill, presenting six plays each season and immersing our community in the magic of live theater.

As our passion for the arts continued to flourish, Main Street Theater emerged within Roueche’s original studio space, becoming a vibrant hub for creativity. Here, we premiered over 180 new productions, nurtured emerging talents through workshops, and provided a platform for playwrights and actors to refine their craft with one-act plays.

But our impact extends far beyond our local stage. Main Street Theater has welcomed international artists, offered venues for musicians, and celebrated the artistry of filmmakers, showcasing their remarkable works to captivated audiences.

This is just a glimpse into the rich tapestry of our theater company’s legacy. Explore our video below for a closer look at the magic we bring to life on stage.

What We Explore

Workshop Plays

Engage in the creative process, refine your craft, and witness raw talent blossom in our dynamic workshop play series.


Capture imagination on screen, from script to screen, as we showcase innovative storytelling and cinematic excellence.


Feel the rhythm, hear the melodies, and experience the magic of live performance with our diverse lineup of musical talents.

Eager to Explore the Hype?

Delve into our world of workshop plays, filmmaking, and musical acts to see what everyone’s talking about.